child fighting medieval man, using toy swords
Learning how to fight with safe swords, at Dover Children's Festival 2008

“The children all had such fun with the circus skills and the archery/crossbow was a very great success”

- Diamond Trading Company

Children’s activities

Whether you run a historic site, need a family day out for your company, or are looking for something a bit unusual for entertaining kids of all ages, our hands-on history products are for you.

A few examples are listed below but we are always happy to come up with something tailored to your needs. We have a wide selection of fun art and craft activities available as well as games to keep children occupied. Please get in touch to find out more.

Knight School

Medieval mayhem reigns supreme as your little lords and ladies get to experience the thrill of brutal battles, junior jousting and knee-high knight’s quests. We bring armour, weapons, crossbows and castles for a really safe, fun and exciting time for all, looked after by our experienced staff.

Shiver me timbers!

Learn to swash your buckle, search for buried treasure and crew a cannon with the scurviest sea dogs around. Join a pirate Captain and his shipmates on the Spanish main and discover the secret of Davy Jones’ Locker. Yo ho ho and a bottle of something free from artificial colouring!

Army barmy

Discipline, miltary style... Bad lads (and lasses) army training that will make any party that bit more memorable. Drilled by the scariest sargeant around, an assault course to work up an appetite and some behind-the-lines survival skills to prepare them for any mission.

The Wild West

Yehaw! All the shooting’, ropin’ and brandin’ that any wannabe rustler or sheriff can handle. Saddle up and join us for a real bit of trail blazing, gold panning and gun slinging. Just look out for that cactus!

Private pantomime parties

At a Griffin Historical party we can not only get them running around having fun, but also sitting down spellbound by great comedy and drama. Whether it’s Aladdin, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, King Arthur or any other favourite theme, children and adults alike will love our truncated tales. Watch out, it’s behind you!