medieval performers mingling with corporate guests
Corporate guests enjoy quizzing performers at a bespoke late-medieval-themed event
(image used by kind permission)

“a great success, enjoyed by all!”
- Stella Artois

Any occasion. Any theme.

Let us bring the past to life at your event! We provide historic characters for meet and greet, polished performances by gladiators and fighting knights, entertainers such as juggling jesters and medieval minstrels, and much more.

We keep a large selection of props and set dressings in store, so whether it’s a blank canvas you need to transform or just some extra décor to enrich what is already available, we can help set the scene for your guests.

From an entire evening’s entertainment with props, themeing and fancy dress, to mix-and-mingle comedy artistes, slapstick or stunt action, we'll supply what you need. We have years of creativity and experience behind us to ensure your event is a great success.

We've listed a few examples below, but if your idea isn't there, simply get in touch - we are past masters at bringing to life even the most unusual request.

Some examples of popular themes:

Robin Hood
Greek Heroes
Arabian Nights
Wild West
4th of July
Stunt School
Indian Raj