armoured knight speaking to audience in magnificent hall
Demonstration of sixteenth-century armour for the launch of Tobias Capwell's seminal book “The Real Fighting Stuff”, Kelvingrove Museum, Glasgow

From promotions to premières

Historical knowledge. Performance flair and expertise. Wit and imagination. Professionalism and meticulous attention to detail. Griffin Historical provides the winning combination to create the instant and lasting impression needed at:

product launches
film premières
book signings
publicity stunts
all kinds of promotional activities

Launches, stunts, publicity

We’ve starred in events for a wide range of products including cars, dvds, books, mobile phones, pasta, soft drinks, movies, games consoles, software, ships and financial services… all for clients who are major household names.

Do you need a scripted performance from costumed historic characters? a lookalike to compere an event? a fullblown stunt show?

Our team can hand out literature, give demonstrations, pose with guests, and even help with surveys, ensuring your brand or product is firmly in the publicity spotlight.

We can work with your marketing agency and press department to develop a spectacular and memorable event. To find out more just get in touch.

“Bernard Cornwell enjoyed it - but so did all our guests - and your decor and people gave his MBE celebration party a special feel”

- Harper Collins